Roles & Responsibilities

Consultation and Engagement with the Community

A core role for RDA Murray is to be a conduit between government and regional communities, facilitated through effective consultation and community .

Informed Regional planning

RDA Murray is expected to work closely with stakeholders to facilitate a coordinated approach to regional planning and development activities in their region.

Whole-of-Government Activities

RDA Murray can be a first point of contact for information about Australian Government programs, services and initiatives and the source of consistent, reliable information from governments.

Promotion of Government Programs

RDA Murray should provide information and advice to their communities about ways in which they can engage with government programs, policies and initiatives.

Community and Economic Development

RDA Murray will participate in community development activities to increase the capacity of the region to meet the needs of its members.


News & Events

Riverina Rural Women's Dinner & Workshop

5 December 2018
Enjoy an evening of fun, laughter, inspiration, get connected and think outside the box, collaborate, create and challenge yourself and be the inspiration and motivation empowering yourself and others!
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Australia-China Trade Summit - Food, Agribusiness, Services, Technology

4 December 2018
At the ACBC Business Forum in March 2018, the Hon. Niall Blair announced he would attend the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) in November. Following his visit to China, he will be our keynote speaker at the 2018 Australia-China Trade Summit.

This is an exciting opportunity to hear from the Minister as well as a range of experts and industry leaders in consumer, food and beverage, services, agriculture and technology.

Event attendees will gain key insights and learnings from this significant trade sector to apply back to their business.
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Albury-Wodonga Women's Leadership Forum

29 November 2018
The Australian Women’s Leadership Forum is for women who are looking for increased awareness of their leadership style and competencies, as well as practical strategies to help them overcome challenges within their work and personal life. The program also provides a relaxed and supportive environment to connect and collaborate with other female leaders.
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