Roles & Responsibilities

Consultation and Engagement with the Community

A core role for RDA Murray is to be a conduit between government and regional communities, facilitated through effective consultation and community .

Informed Regional planning

RDA Murray is expected to work closely with stakeholders to facilitate a coordinated approach to regional planning and development activities in their region.

Whole-of-Government Activities

RDA Murray can be a first point of contact for information about Australian Government programs, services and initiatives and the source of consistent, reliable information from governments.

Promotion of Government Programs

RDA Murray should provide information and advice to their communities about ways in which they can engage with government programs, policies and initiatives.

Community and Economic Development

RDA Murray will participate in community development activities to increase the capacity of the region to meet the needs of its members.


News & Events

Green Globe Awards 2017

21 June 2017
The NSW Green Globe Awards celebrate excellence in environmental sustainability. They recognise organisations and individuals who lead the way in making New South Wales a place where people and nature thrive.
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Incubator Support Program

19 June 2017
Key role of incubators in startup success
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Agribusiness Workshop

6 June 2017
Develop new income streams for your Agribusiness enterprise
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