RDA Murray

Regional Development Australia Murray (RDA Murray) has a commitment to bring together partnerships between whole of government, regional development organisations, the private sector and other key regional stakeholders.

RDA is a national initiative based on building partnerships and ensuring that all governments and stakeholders are responsive to local priorities and needs.

It is a conduit between government and local communities, and a provider of information. RDA committees will be strong advocates for their region and drivers of change. RDA will have a pivotal role in ensuring the long term sustainability of regional Australia.

What is RDA Murray?

  • RDA Murray is a non profit incorporated organisation.
  • RDA Murray comprises of committed members of the region and represents the community, business and local government. Click here for information about The RDA Murray committee.
  • RDA Murray has a broad and diverse skills base and demonstrated networks and alliances.
  • RDA Murray reduces duplication and overlap in regional activities.
  • RDA Murray is encouraged to work together on projects and other activities where they have common interests and common boundaries.

What will RDA Murray do?

  • RDA Murray brings together the three levels of government to enhance the growth and development of regional Australia.
  • RDA Murray is based on building partnerships between governments, regional development organisations, the private sector and other key regional stakeholders to provide a strategic and targeted response to issues in each region and to facilitate community leadership and resilience.
  • RDA Murray will work with all stakeholders to develop and strengthen local communities.
  • Drawing on their engagement with the community, RDA Murray will be important contributors to business growth plans and investment strategies, environmental solutions, social inclusion strategies and the integration of broadband into the community.
  • RDA Murray will also develop a Regional Plan and take a leadership role in its implementation.