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Regional Development Australia Murray (RDA Murray) is taking a leading role in conveying issues of economic, environmental and social importance to Hon. Nola Marino; Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories on a weekly basis during the COVID-19 response period.

Edwina Hayes; CEO of RDA Murray has taken the proactive step to instigate a discussion forum of local leaders to ensure that issues of importance from across the vast geographical expanse of the Murray Region are accurately conveyed to the Federal Government through the National Cabinet meetings.

“We know that COVID-19 in addition to Bushfire recovery, is having a significant impact across the economic, environmental and social conditions of the Murray region. Given the diversity of communities we represent, it is important we listen to each industry, community and region to understand how they are faring and advocate for solutions that meet local needs."

At the forum of 14 May 2020, participants agreed to move forward with an agreed structure, terms  and priorities to support activation and investment in the Murray region.

The key priorities of the Murray Socio-Economic Activation Taskforce (MSEAT) are:

  • Investing in infrastructure,
  • Matching people to jobs, and
  • Tackling water issues.

The MSEAT will meet fortnightly to focus on the activation and investment of these three critical areas of concern.

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Due to the high volume of COVID-19 announcements, daily information relating to the economy and community of the Murray Region will be posted via the RDA Murray Facebook page.

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