Cross-Border Commissioner's Infrastructure Fund

6 July 2018

Cross-Border Commissioner's Infrastructure Fund

The NSW Cross-Border Commissioner works to resolve issues facing people located near a NSW state border. One of the concerns raised by many stakeholders in border regions is the limited access to local infrastructure funding.  In response, the NSW Government has established a fund to ensure our cross-border communities don’t miss out.

The Cross-Border Commissioner's Fund provides $20 million for social, economic, environmental and cultural infrastructure projects in border regions, and requires co-investment from the neighbouring state. As part of the process the Commissioner will work with communities in NSW and neighbouring states through the established cross-border agreements to identify priority projects, and secure co-investment. Projects for consideration may include improving electricity supply, developing telecommunications, accessing water supply or providing social and sporting infrastructure. The projects must be located in local government areas of NSW and neighbouring jurisdictions which are adjacent to a NSW border.

The NSW Government has established cross-border agreements with the ACT and Queensland governments. Following the Victorian Government's announcement of a Victorian Cross-Border Commission, the government hopes a similar agreement will be struck to enable access to this fund in our southern border regions.

The NSW Cross-Border Commissioner will invite applications in the coming months.