NSW Clean Energy Funding Opportunity

29 January 2018

Showcase your success with the NSW Clean Energy
Knowledge Sharing Initiative
The NSW Clean Energy Knowledge Sharing Initiative is a Department of Planning and Environment program designed to support you as an early adopter of clean energy.
The initiative aims to:

  • Share and showcase new technological solutions and clean energy business models to encourage further advanced development and implementation
  • Break down barriers to entry for clean energy technologies and business models, particularly for new and novel technologies in a NSW context
  • Provide a support framework for up and coming clean energy projects.

Applications are open until 28 February 2018 or until otherwise communicated on the program website.
How to apply
Email sustainable.energy@planning.nsw.gov.au and advise which stream you wish to apply for. Each project may only apply under one stream, but an applicant may apply for funding for multiple projects.
Where can I find out more?