Women in Ag has launched the Women in Ag Step-Up Program

30 November -0001

The Step-Up sessions are the cornerstone of the Women in Ag program and, as such, they are designed for ‘Women in Ag’ so they can develop their skills in a safe, confident learning environment.

The sessions will have limited places available maintain interactive learning and provide room for more discovery of topics and questions that suit the participants.

The sessions will be spaced out over the Winter and Spring months with the last sessions finishing in October-November.

There will be scope within the delivery of these topics to ask the burning questions that matter to you, so don’t be afraid to join in and learn a lot.

The great thing about the Step-Up program is you learn together in a group and we will be building on learnings from the previous sessions, so it is ideal if you can choose 1 Step-Up topic and participate in as many sessions as you can.

Enrol Now for “Brilliant Communication Skills” includes up to 5 sessions; 1st Session starts Wednesday 30th July 2014.

Communication Step-Up Flyer 2014

Enrol Now for “Pasture Management” includes up to 5 sessions; 1st Session starts Thursday 28th August 2014.

Pasture Management Step-Up Flyer 2014