Yarkuwa Community Development Project


The purpose of this project is too support the Yarkuwa people to transform life conditions, so that they are able to live in a safe environment free of:

-          Domestic Violence

-          Drug and Alcohol abuse, and

-          other negative well-being impacts


That the Yarkuwa people have the life conditions, the intent, capability and adaptive processes to live fulfilling lives


1)      People are contributing to their community

2)      People have choices for engagement, employment, participation and contribution

3)      People have the capacity, capability and know-how in progressing their life

4)      People have a functioning and supportive environment that enables them to heal, grow and achieve their life's purpose

5)      That service providers are willing to work in a new and transformative ways

RDA Murray has been able to develop rapport and empathy with the Government and NGO sectors participating in the project, map the network of service providers, capture relationships and service provision. As well as mapping the dynamics of the Aboriginal social and economic fabric in order to identify projects/ initiatives that will create transformative change.