NSW Economic Development Strategy for Regional NSW

20 May 2015

Driving growth and delivering a dynamic and globally competitive regional economy are key goals of the new Economic Development Strategy for Regional NSW
The Economic Development Strategy, which was launched in March 2015, recognises the critical importance of Regional NSW’s contribution to the State’s economy and is tailored to reflect the unique opportunities and challenges of Regional NSW.

It identifies five strategic goals to leverage the strength of our regional economy and further enable economic growth:
Goal 1: Promote key regional sectors and regional competitiveness.
Goal 2: Drive regional employment and regional business growth.
Goal 3: Invest in economic infrastructure and connectivity.
Goal 4: Maximise government efficiency and enhance regional governance.
Goal 5: Improve information sharing and build the evidence base.
These goals focus Government actions such as helping regional economies gain access to domestic and international markets, developing vital skills, strengthening regional infrastructure and supporting research that fosters innovation.
New actions in the Strategy include a NSW Government commitment to develop further initiatives to support competitiveness and exports of sectors such as food processing and agriculture.
Regional NSW offers a wide range of opportunities for people thinking of investing, moving a business or starting a new enterprise.
NSW has the largest and most diverse regional economy in Australia. It is home to about 2.9 million people, representing 41% of the NSW population and contributes around $138 billion (almost one third) to Gross State Product.
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