Wentworth 28/9/17

Venue: Artback cafe, 6/8A Adelaide St, Wentworth NSW 2648

Time: 9am- 5pm

bro wentworth

Why are we conducting these workshops?

Primary production is the dominant productive industry in the Murray region. Small and large towns alike rely either directly or indirectly on the economic performance of production of crops, livestock, dairy and horticulture. Consequently, the current and future sustainability of the Murray region relies on the on-going viability and performance of agribusinesses in the region. 

The workshop will cover the following topics

  • Understand key trends and factors global and national markets;
  • Learn about different business models and the implication they have on future business success;
  • Develop your current business model and position in the value chain;
  • Identify current customers and potential future customer and understanding implications for business model change;
  • Propose a future business model and approach to transitioning a business model; and
  • Listen to farmers who have taken a new direction
  • Speak with farmers who have successfully made changes to their business for increased income and enhanced profitability

Over the course of workshop, farmers will explore real world examples of innovation in agribusiness. They will be presented with farmers who have taken innovative approaches in changing how their farming business works. Farmers at the workshop will be able to ask questions of these leading farmers and get the insights first hand of how they made the change to increase income and improve profitability.