WeedSmart Week Mildura

30 August 2022

TITLE: WeedSmart Week Mildura

DATE: Tuesday 30 August - Thursday 1 September 2022

LOCATION: Mildura Arts Centre, 199 Cureton Ave, Mildura, VIC 3500

COST: $270



WeedSmart Week will be an engaging event where GRDC ask growers to talk about their weed control strategies and how they are winning the battle to produce more crop, fewer weeds.

WeedSmart Week is a 3-day event with the first day being a forum at the Mildura Arts Centre where you will hear from WeedSmart's leading agronomists, as well as some of the thinkers based in the Victorian Mallee who are implementing the WeedSmart Big 6 tactics to get on top of weeds.

Day 2 includes a Machinery Expo, where we ask growers to speak to you about their experiences with using the latest in spray and camera technology, impact mills and other mechanical interventions during the cropping phase.

Day 2 and 3 will see you also jump on the buses to enjoy the farm tours to hear from prominent farmers on how they have tweaked their systems to get on top of their weeds.

Registration goes live on 1 May 2022.