Finding a Job

Australian job search websites such as and are important resources. However, it is also worthwhile to consult local employment agencies, Jobs Riverina Murray and newspapers in towns and cities within the Murray region of NSW.

Employers also usually advertise positions vacant on their websites or social media.

If your nominated occupation is particularly specialised, it may be worthwhile researching local employers in that field and contacting them directly.

Below are the links to employment agencies in local government areas / towns / cities of the Murray region:

Jobs Riverina Murray DoctorConnect has been produced by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing to provide a starting point for both overseas trained doctors (OTDs) who may be considering work in Australia and for employers seeking to recruit them. Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council works with state and territory nursing and midwifery regulatory authorities (NMRA) in evolving standards for statutory nursing and midwifery regulation. ANMC administers the Migration Skills Assessment process for overseas trained nurses.

How to Apply for Jobs in Australia

If your job application is to be taken seriously by an employer, it is important to submit a job application that is professional, by Australian standards or expectations. This involves preparing and submitting a well written application or cover letter, as well as your résumé or CV.

Employers expect to see more than a résumé and a message like “I want a job”.

Bad English and grammar, typing or spelling mistakes can make the application effort look non-genuine or simply reflect poorly on the applicant.

Know your rights in NSW workplaces

Like all workers in Australia, visa holders are entitled to fair and safe work conditions, and a wage rate above the minimum wage rate. Safe Work NSW has a summary of your rights at work that is worthwhile being familiar with.

Employer Based Outside a Designated Regional Area

In determining whether the person is working in a designated regional area (DRA), the Department of Home Affairs must establish where the person is physically located in relation to their usual place of work. Where the Department is able to establish that the person’s usual place of work is in a DRA, the person has met the requirements of this condition.

In cases where an employer is based in a metropolitan area of Australia, or overseas, but is operating in a DRA through a local office of branch, if the visa holder is working in the local office located in a DRA, then they meet the work requirements of condition 8579