The Murray region of NSW is a large geographic area that is not densely populated. Public transport exists in many areas, and includes direct travel to Sydney and Melbourne. It is likely that newcomers to the region will want to acquire a vehicle, if they do not already have their licence and vehicle organised.

Driving in NSW


The Transport for NSW website has information about driving in New South Wales with an overseas or interstate license as well as information about gaining a NSW driver’s license for overseas drivers and interstate drivers.

Transport for NSW also has helpful information about road safetya road sign reference guide and the road rules in NSW. As you might expect, there are differences between the road rules in New South Wales and those in other countries, and there are also differences between the States and Territories in Australia. It is important for your safety, and the safety of others that you ensure you are familiar with the road rules before driving in NSW.

Vehicles that are used in Australia must be registered, and in NSW, this includes a vehicle roadworthiness check and a Green Slip which provides insurance for Injuries Caused in a Motor Accident. Transport for NSW provides a wealth of information about registering a car in NSW, including how to transfer an existing registration if the vehicle has a current interstate registration.

Australia is a large country, and it can take many hours, and even days, to travel between the capital cities of each of the states. For example, driving from Melbourne to Albury, will take 3 ½ hours each way. It is important that you take regular breaks for longer drives, with stops recommended every two hours.

Public Transport

While it may be possible to walk around some smaller communities in the region, it may be more practical to utilise public transport options, particularly in the larger communities.

The majority of communities have taxi services available and the following bus services are also available for travel in town and to surrounding areas. Public transport options are available in a number of communities in the Murray, including transport links between towns and to Sydney and Melbourne.

A map of the NSW network of train and coach transport from Transport for NSW is available on their website. Bookings can be made on the NSW TrainLink website.