Brijesh Gopalakrishnan – 489 Skilled Regional Visa


Rocky Singh – 489 Skilled Regional Visa

Originally from Punjab India Rocky’s drive, outstanding customer service skills and eagerness to build rapport within the community of Albury, has propelled him to become the sole owner of five very successful Boost Juice franchises (Albury, Wodonga, Griffith, Wangaratta and Wagga Wagga).

Rocky Singh moved to Melbourne Australia in 2007 as an 18-year-old on a Student Visa studying a Diploma of Hairdressing and a Diploma of Business Management. Before pursuing the opportunity to migrate to Albury under a 489 Skilled Regional Visa through RDA Murray, undertaking employment in a Sales position at Harvey Norman. Within a year he became the Business Manager of Strathfield Car Radio Albury at the age of 21.

It was through one of his customers at Harvey Norman who happened to be the owner of Boost Juice Albury in which he became great friends with, that the attraction to Boost Juice first began.  

“He was just so happy which made me look into it, and it made me think what does this guy do? He’s always happy, he must be doing something right.” Said Singh.

It was through opportunity and friendship that led Rocky to eventually became the owner of Boost juice Albury at the age of 23. However, It did not come without its challenges though, “it was a really hard journey I was young, had no experience and did not have permanent residency, I was refused by three major banks, but I did not give up, I went to another and another until I was successful.” Said Singh.

Over the seven-year journey Rocky has expanded from one to five Boost Juice stores employing approximately 80 people, while making Albury his home with his wife and two children. He recognises similarities between the small town he grew up in and Albury, but it is the growth opportunities, business potential, proximity to Melbourne, time for family, little traffic and sense of community that has made Albury the perfect place to settle, with plans to build their dream home.

Although he found the migration experience challenging, because he didn’t have a support network and had limited English literacy, Rocky is thankful for the RDA Murray staff describing them as “helpful and a friendly face” throughout the process.