The holder of a Skilled Regional State Nominated Visa (sub-class 489) and Skilled Work Regional Visa, (sub-class 491) sponsored by Regional Development Australia Murray is in this region to respond to our skilled labour needs and to make a better life for themselves and their family. These visa programs are designed to bring skilled migrants to regional areas where their skills are in demand. These visas have full work entitlements and an employer need do nothing more than they would when employing a local Australian worker.

The 489 and 491 visas are a concrete pathway to Permanent Residency (PR). To be eligible for PR, the visa holder has to meet visa conditions; primarily, they must work full-time equivalent hours and live in a regional or low-growth part of Australia. This means that they have a strong incentive to be committed to employment in this region. However, the visa is technically classified as temporary or provisional.

Under this visa, employment conditions are expected to be the same as normal Australian Fair Work and Taxation practices as 489 and 491 visa recipients are Australian residents for taxation purposes. Visa holders must retain evidence of employment for their PR visa application, such as payslips and reference letters. Evidence of residence might be lease agreements or rent/accommodation receipts.

If you are an employer in the Murray region and have any queries about employing a 489 or 491 visa holder, you can contact RDA Murray CEO Edwina Hayes, at or phone 02 6060 2491.